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Who doesn't love reading reviews before making a decision?  Check out what my clients say about me:

They are fantastic! Hard to choose favorites! It's amazing that the photos can make the session look so calm and like the baby was cooperative! You are a magic worker:) Thanks for taking the time out for capturing us! Susanna B

Oh, Tracey!!!  I adore these photos! We just looked through them as a family. We laughed and smiled the entire time! You are so talented! Sarah A

I just saw the photos that you uploaded to facebook and I LOVE THEM!!!! I don't know how you do it, but for as much as I think Mackenzie isn't cooperating, you manage to come out with some fantastic shots! The dozen or less that I've seen so far are ALL phenomenal. Thanks so much! Chris J

Oh Tracey, they are beautiful! I'm at my desk at work with tears in my eyes.  Thank you sooooo much! Angela E

We will treasure these pictures forever.  Everyone I've shown them to loves them!  Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of our family! Rachel K

You have such an amazing talent. I am so glad to have found you to capture these moments in our life. Your work is always so wonderful!!! Amanda G

Oh Tracey!!!!You did it again. They are amazing! I will admit I was a teeny bit nervous between the sass and the goldfish I wasn't sure how many good ones we would get, but I should never have anything but total faith in you. You are so awesome and very talented. Thank you again! Heather K

Tracey they are just beautiful!  Thank you thank you thank you for braving the cold and helping us document these wonderful moments in his life.  You're the best!!!! Erin K

I can't believe how nice the pictures turned out for a cold windy day. I'm very pleased!! I'll make sure to pass your name on to any friends looking for a photographer! Brandie H

Omg I love them!!! Michelle G

We just got our pictures back today. They are all so beautiful! Thank you a million times :) Jen A

OMG I LOVE THE PICS!! Thank you SO much! I am making my Christmas cards right now because I can't help it! You are so talented!  Jessica R

Oh my Gosh, We love the pictures!! They turned out really well! There are so many great ones :) Thanks, Tracey!!!!  And thank you for getting them to us so quickly! Becca B

Thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of my family.  We will cherish and love them forever.  Thanks! Carrie K

We got the photos today in the mail and love them. They will be treasured by our family for years to come. Thank you for being wonderful:) Susanna B

Tracey, these photos are awesome!! Mitch H

Tracey!  Thank you SO much!  I'm so happy we got some cute ones!  You are so talented.  And I cannot thank you enough for squeezing us in and turning them around in a matter of hours!  You are the best. Erin P

We just got our pictures back today. They are all so beautiful! Thank you a million times :) Jen A

Love the way our engagement photos turned out! Can't wait to see the rest of them! Thank you so much for being so amazing!!  Kari H

Incredible! I love them all already. You are truly a wizard to have captured these great shots amidst the chaos. Thank you and we can't wait to see the rest! Rosa B

Greg and I just went through the pictures. We love them!! Thank you so much for capturing this special time in our lives! I don't know how I'm going to pick one for the birth announcement! Maureen B

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, these photos are amazing!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much Tracey!!!!! We will see you soon for the three month photos:) Katre K

Hi Tracey! The pictures you did were awesome!  We absolutely love them!!! We can't wait to do it again:) Kelle P

Tracey, thank you so much.  I LOVE the photos!  I can't believe how many great shots you got! We will certainly be contacting you the next time we want photos! Meg A

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