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Farmington, MI Family Photographer | No Nap No Problem!

Having just experienced a photo shoot with my own family, I know exactly the stress involved with having family photos taken!  Of course it never fails that the one day you need your kids to nap well, they don't.  Or they wake up with their first tooth coming in and they're crabby, or as your on the way out the door one kid falls and ends up with a big cut on his nose.  Trust me, in five years of photographing families I've seen and heard it all!  But I promise, no matter how rough you may think the shoot went there will be at least a few photos you love!  Last weekend I met this family at Heritage Park in Farmington.  Their son was actually born on the exact same day as my daughter so it was fun comparing notes with his parents!  They were the greatest family to work with - so easy going and fun.  For instance when Landon decided to make grass his first food his mom just laughed and pulled it out of his mouth, love that! As it would figure Landon chose family photo day not to nap so he wasn't thrilled to be having his picture taken, but he did good especially considering the chilly weather! And look, we still managed to get some great pictures!

Northville, MI Senior Photographer | Hello Model!

There are really no words to describe this gorgeous senior so I'll just let the pictures do the talking!  She's an amazing swimmer, but I think she could also have a modeling career! Out of like 500 pictures we took I don't think there was one bad one so it was really hard narrowing them down!  Here are some of my favorites!

South Lyon, MI Family Photographer | Who Said Terrible Twos?!

So if you can't tell from these pictures, we had FUN during this shoot!  I love love love when families are so relaxed in front of the camera and just play as though they're enjoying an afternoon at the park and I'm just there in the background capturing it all.  These pictures capture the energy, joy, and everything you want to remember about a two year old!  I know people call it the "terrible twos", but this little girl is a dream!  I've actually known her parents since elementary school which is pretty cool.  I couldn't narrow down my favorites so it's a long post today!

Livonia, MI Baby Photographer | Indian Summer!

On a day like today where it was in the 30's this morning it's hard to believe that just last week it was warm enough for little summer rompers like this sweet baby girl is sporting!  But that's Michigan!  I loved meeting this beautiful family of three and their sister and her son for a session at Greenmead in Livonia.  It was a gorgeous day and we got some great shots! Plus it was the first time I got to use my "new" vintage wagon!  Love how it photographs.  Now if only it weren't so freezing cold so I could get some shots of my own kids in it!

Plymouth, MI Family Photographer | Big Sister

These two sisters have the most stunning eyes!  And can you tell that the older sister is just slightly in love with her new baby sister?!  In almost every family photo I snapped she's leaning over her, kissing her, giving her a much love :)  I love getting to know new families!

Farmington, MI Family Photographer | The Golden Hour

This is one of my favorite families to photograph!  Lauren is amazing at coordinating their outfits and it just adds so much to the photos.  Plus she always brings fun props.  Last year it was an old highchair and this time she showed up with this great vintage wagon.  I particularly love this session because it was shot roughly an hour before sunset, aka "the golden hour" in photography speak.  This is a photographer's dream time to shoot because you don't have to deal with harsh sun shadows and can get some awesome backlighting and sun flare.  Thanks for another great session guys! Already looking forward to Miss Brynn's three year old photos :)
Location: Heritage Park, Farmington Hills, MI

Northville, MI Child Photographer | Twins!

Look at these two year old identical twins!!!! I can't even take the cuteness!  And to think they actually sat there and posed for me?!?!  I was in heaven :)  Ok, so the posing only lasted about 4 minutes, but I'll take it!  Afterwards we walked over to the playground and they had a great time playing together.  Their parents make it look so easy too, I was impressed!


Location: Maybury State Park, Northville, MI

Novi, MI Family Photographer | Brotherly Love

Could these two little boys be any cuter?!  I went to high school with their mom and it was so fun to see her again and meet her family.  We had a perfect fall day for the shoot and as you'd expect from any kid, the boys were more interested in running around and exploring than posing for my camera, but we still got some cute shots!  I know I always say it, but I love the candid ones.  Trust me, I definitely don't expect to show up to a session and have your kids stay still, look at the camera, and not complain for an entire hour!  With a super cute, but extremely stubborn three year old of my own I've seen it all :) 

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