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Northville, MI Senior Photographer | Bryan Class of 2014

Bryan was a dream to photograph.  First of all he and his mom traveled all the way from Grand Rapids for their session with me so that was nice.  Second, he didn't complain once even though it was barely 30 degrees and super windy.  Finally, just look at him and how awesome he did, need I say more?!  I also got to try out some new locations which was fun.  They were the perfect settings for a senior guy shoot.  And check out his sweet leather jacket - that was his grandfather's jacket and his uncles wore it in their senior photos too - how cool is that?

Plymouth, MI Child Photographer | Toddler Model!

Can you believe this little beauty is only 3 years old and I didn't even tell her what to do for any of these pictures?!  She just posed herself and stared into the camera as though she was an experienced high fashion model, a-maaa-zing!  Seriously, her mom needs to get her into modeling, she's a natural :)

Northville, MI Photographer | Christmas Mini Sessions

Confession, I really just bought this backdrop because I thought it was cute and wanted to use it for my own family's Christmas card picture :) But now that I have it I thought I may as well offer Christmas mini sessions! Check out this link for all of the card templates available:  You can do your own printing or order cards through me.  Contact me today with any questions or if you'd like to set something up!

Northville, MI Newborn Photographer | Connections

I was lucky enough to take newborn photos of this sweet little guy and his beautiful big sister and parents this past weekend.  It's always so interesting finding out how people hear about me and it makes you realize how many random connections you have with total strangers!  I met this family through mutual friends on Facebook, but once I got to their house and we started talking we realized that Maureen went to grade school with my cousins and her husband went to high school with them.  Later on my mom told me that she used to be on a bowling team with Maureen's mom, crazy!  Anyway, enjoy the pics of this precious 2 week old baby boy... 


Farmington, MI Family Photographer | More Twins!

This is the fourth set of twins I've photographed this month!  I love it!  This family is from the west side of the state, but we were able to coordinate the shoot when they were in town visiting family so I'm happy it worked out.  I love how the kids' personalities show through in the pictures, like this one:

Novi, MI Family Photographer | Fall Colors!

I'm still playing catch up after 6 sessions last weekend!  I did a few mini holiday sessions so I won't be blogging those images until after everyone's Christmas cards are out.  I'd hate to ruin the fun of opening the cards in the mail :)  But I had to post a few from this family's session because they were just too cute!  We go to church together and it was great to see them in front of my lens!  And I'm loving the fall colors even in November.

Northville, MI Family Photographer | Cider Mill Fun

In Michigan the month of October is so hit or miss weather wise.  You want to wait long enough to get the gorgeous fall colors, but the longer you wait you also risk cold temps.  Not to mention it can change from one hour to the next!  This was a Saturday morning session the last weekend of October at Parmenter's Cider Mill in Northville and it was freezing and even started drizzling at the end!  Sweet little Joseph was such a trooper and still gave some great smiles!  I'm sure the cider and donut break helped, Parmenter's is the best!  Here's a flashback from last year's session, it's amazing how much kids grow up in one year!

Livonia, MI Family Photographer | Time Has Wings

My mom and I were texting the other day about how fast time goes and she wrote, "time has wings".  I had never heard that expression, but it's so true!  It seems like just yesterday I met little Gabriel for his newborn session and now he's 8 months old!  (And Mom, as my most loyal blog reader I thought you'd appreciate the shout-out!)

So tiny at just a few days old!
8 months later!

Novi, MI Family Photographer | Catching Up

I can't believe it's been a year since I met this family when I took their youngest's newborn photos.  And now he's running around and keeping up with his three year old big brother!  Definitely one of my favorite parts of this job is meeting new families and watching them grow up.  Sometimes during shoots I just want to sit down and talk to them and catch up!  I'll find myself asking them questions as I'm taking their pictures and they're probably wondering if they should smile at the camera or answer me!  Kinda like when you're at the dentist and they're talking to you and you can't respond because your mouth is full :)  It was wonderful to see you guys, hope we can catch up again soon!

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