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Northville, MI Newborn Photographer | My Baby Girl's Blog Debut

On May 9th we welcomed this sweet little girl into our family, Felicity Lynn.  When I found out I was having a girl I instantly started scouring Etsy for cute photo props for her newborn session.  I created a Pinterest board full of pose ideas and I couldn't wait to start shooting.  In my mind it would be so easy to take hundreds of photos of her, I mean all I had to do was take her down to my basement studio and snap away. Ha, of course it didn't go as planned!  At 8 days old I was freaking out because I still hadn't taken any "professional" pictures of her and I always tell my clients to schedule their newborn sessions within the first 10 days!  Between the recovery of a c-section, chasing around our 3 year old son, enjoying visitors, etc there was no time for photo sessions!  Even when we finally found time it still wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be.  If she was happy, my son wasn't, if my son was cooperating she'd be screaming, or we'd take her diaper off and she'd choose that second to go all over our living room rug - you get the picture!  And if you're a parent who's been through a newborn session I know this is nothing new for you, you're probably thinking "yes, that describes my session exactly!"  But somehow I thought as a photographer it'd be easier for me!  We finally got a few, not quite everything I had envisioned, but I still love how they turned out.  Best of all I'll always have these pictures to remember how tiny she once was.

Northville, MI Wedding Photographer | Dan + Nicole

Saturday was a beautiful, hot, happy day for a wedding!  Dan and Nicole's bridal party was so much fun; you would've thought the guys were professional models the way they were coming up with poses!  After a very nice ceremony at St Kenneth's in Plymouth the party started at St. Mary's Cultural Center in Livonia.  The food was great, they had an awesome band, and the dance floor was packed all night.  Congratulations guys, thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding day!  Enjoy Hawaii :)


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