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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Northville, MI Baby Photographer | Lifestyle

I had the best intentions of doing one of those "365 day photo challenges" this year, but that lasted all of the first four days of January :)  I still do my best to capture the everyday moments with my kids because these are the moments I want to remember.  Posed photos are beautiful and nice to have, but someday I'll look back on this picture and instantly be transported to the day when my daughter realized she could splash in the bath.  I'll remember her high pitched squeal of excitement and the way the water dripped down the window, the cabinets, and into puddles on the floor.  I'll remember her four year old brother cracking up as he ate his apple and PB&J behind me watching his mom get soaked with bathwater.  And Lissy taking our laughter as encouragement to splash even are truly worth 1,000 words.

northville mi baby photographer

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