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Monday, December 16, 2013

Northville, MI Baby Photographer | Rock the Shot December Submission

This is my submission for Rock the Shot Forum's December photo challenge.  It was a super spur of the moment "shoot".  The house was quiet and the tree lights were on and I was just thinking how I hadn't taken any pictures of my daughter with the tree yet.  When my son was a baby I took a bunch of him holding lights, in a stocking, etc.  But in typical second child parent mode I hadn't even thought about that yet!  I noticed she was in her Christmas jammies so it was simple to set her down in front of the tree and watch her explore.  I was worried the shots would be grainy since I had to use such a high ISO, but with a little help from Florabella's noise reduction action they are perfect! See the post below for more from this spontaneous shoot.  As a photographer I think sometimes I tend to get too wrapped up in capturing the "perfect" shot and since no one is ever perfect (noses are running, clothes are mismatched) I just don't take pictures, but my goal this next year is to change that! In 20 years I'll want to remember the every day moments, just like this one of my baby girl's tiny hands reaching up to explore the tree on her first Christmas.  One more fun fact, the ornament she's grabbing was one I made in 1989 when I was 7 years old :)

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