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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Farmington, MI Family Photographer | Toddler Fashion

Ahh, I'm dying of cuteness!  Little Miss Lucy is just too adorable!  Such a little fashionista from the skinny jeans to the glittery Converses to the heart elbow patches on her sweater, love it :)  So Lucy, like most two year olds, wasn't sure what to make of the giant camera aimed at her and was a little shy so we worked hard to get some smiles.  Her dad came to the rescue and started playing peek a boo from behind my reflector and she loved it!  I was more than happy to forgo a little extra light from the reflector and capture her true personality instead.  Sure, the technical aspect is important, but there's nothing like a genuine laugh!

  Location: Heritage Park, Farmington, MI

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